Expert in Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms
Ashley Haynes

The long term rental market is on fire!

Over the past decade, I have been a leader in residential island sales, but in the past few years, I have also seen the growing need for more rental opportunities on the islands, so I decided to add a long term rental aspect to my current sales business.  In the past year, I have rented 2 houses for $5,950/mo. each, 2 houses for $6,000/mo. each, 1 house for $5,500/mo., and another one for $8,000/mo!   I then sold both of the houses that were rented for $5,950/mo. within 6 months, and one was sold to the tenant living in the house!  I even rented the $8,000/mo. house without it even being listed on the market!     I will continue to provide all of the sales services that I currently handle on the islands, but if you want, or need, more monthly income from your island house, now is the time to take advantage of the incredibly strong rental market.   This has been a great solution for many of my seller clients who are waiting for values to come back before selling their properties.  If you are interested in hearing more about my sales and/or rental programs, or if you just want to know the current value of your house for sale or for rent, please give me a call at 843-813-6079 or email at  with no obligation at all.


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